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The Mommy Circle

Postpartum Support & Newborn Care

Postpartum Support & Newborn Care

There are many reasons why parents may need Postpartum Support and Newborn Care / Baby Nurse / Night Nanny support. Some parents may feel overwhelmed after the birth of their child and need someone to help them with the transition. Others may have had a difficult birth experience and need extra support. Postpartum doulas can also help with things like breastfeeding, newborn care, and postpartum blues.

In short, a postpartum doula can be a valuable asset to any family after the birth of a child. They can provide much-needed support and assistance during a time that can be both joyous and challenging. 
As a postpartum agency since 2015, we are eager to support you and your family. We specialize in multiples, postpartum support & overnight newborn care (night nanny).
Nanny referrals & virtual consultations. 

Serves Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, New Jersey & New York


A Circle birthed out of the need for postpartum support


Our Specialties

What Parents Are Saying

"I wish there were more stars to give; Amicah easily deserves 10! Amicah came to our house twice a week to help as a post-partum doula when our baby was 3 months old and my husband had returned to work. She was so knowledgeable, so warm, so gentle with the baby, was so so so patient with me, and was just a real joy to be around". 


Capitol Hill

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"When a new baby comes, friends and family and even your husband sometimes don’t know how to help. And if you don’t have extended family support around, the thought of navigating these challenges alone can be overwhelming. I found The Mommy Circle through a Capitol Hill Moms group referral, actually one of the few referrals that responded back to me and followed through with a phone conversation". 

M. Acorn

Capitol Hill

"We loved this service for our family, and we absolutely adored Ethel as our postpartum doula. She brought compassion and a bright smile every evening that we had her. She treated both of our kids like family"!

C. Hanna

Capitol Hill, D.C

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