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Baby's First Bath

Baby's First Bath

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you wait at least 24 hours after birth before giving your baby their first bath. This gives your baby time to adjust to the environment outside the womb and helps keep their skin from becoming dry or irritated. You can give them a sponge bath with a damp washcloth until you’re ready to give them their first bath. After 24 hours, it’s safe to start giving your baby baths. After being discharged, the umbilical cord stump should be kept clean and dry until it falls off naturally. It is important to wait until the cord falls off before the baby’s first bath at home, as this helps to prevent infection. If the cord falls off before the baby’s first bath, it should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water and the area should be kept dry. (It should be noted that a baby's first bath is usually given to a newborn prior to being discharged).

A baby's first bath can be a special and memorable moment for both the parent and the baby. It is important to make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature and that the room is warm as a cold baby can make the experience uncomfortable. It is also important to have everything you need within reach so that you can remain focused on the baby while giving them the bath. A good idea is to have a soft, clean washcloth and a mild, unscented baby shampoo ready. When bathing the baby, use gentle strokes and talk to the baby in a soothing voice. Make sure to pay attention to their cues and stop the bath when they seem uncomfortable or upset. After the bath, make sure to dry the baby off carefully and keep them warm and comfortable.

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