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Night Nanny / Baby Nurse for Newborns

Updated: May 6

night nanny, baby nurse

A Night Nanny / Baby Nurse /Newborn Care Specialist for newborns is a professional caregiver (trained & certified), who supports parents after delivery during the night/day hours. They typically come to the family's home and provide care while the parents sleep, allowing them to get some rest and recover from the physical and emotional demands of having a new baby. The Night Nanny's responsibilities may include feeding, changing and soothing the baby, as well as keeping the baby's sleep and feeding schedule.

Families typically hire a Night Nanny on a temporary basis, for a few weeks or months, until the baby is sleeping through the night and the parents are more comfortable caring for the baby on their own. In addition, Night Nannies provide assistance and support to new parents who may be feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.They are a valuable resource for parents who are dealing with the sleep deprivation and stress that often comes with caring for a newborn.

It is important to find a reputable and experienced Night Nanny and to have a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities before hiring. It is also helpful to carefully vet and interview any Night Nanny before hiring and discuss your expectations and needs in advance.

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